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Equipment Lease Options

Many restaurants & companies that I talk with have questions about buying vs. leasing kitchen equipment / restaurant supply. Here are 5 of the most common reasons that business owners and managers choose leasing kitchen equipment over buying:
  1. Preserves capital and retains financial flexibility. Every owner clearly understands that their kitchen equipment / restaurant supply expense a significant investment. Leasing provides an ‘easy –in’ to get
  2. Keeps credit lines available. Financially, a lease is separate from your banking relationship, so leasing an ice machine doesn’t affect your amount of borrowing availability.
  3. Provides a tax deduction. Lease payments are typically treated as business expenses, which in essence reduces the final cost of your ice maker lease.
  4. Finalizing a lease is usually easier than purchasing equipment. You have flexible terms and options that make leasing an easier process than buying.
  5. Allows freedom from outdated equipment. When you lease, you are not tied to one technology for the entire life of the machine. As your business grows or changes, you can make changes at the end of your lease term that let you adapt to food and drink trends with your commercial ice machine.

All lease prices are based on 48 months but we also offer 12, 24, 36, 39, 42 and 60 months.

Leasing Kitchen Equipment/ Restaurant Supply

Here’s a great example: Restaurant A bought a commercial ice maker 5 years ago. There are 10 to even 15 years of life left on the machine. But now, smoothies are becoming very popular, and the manager would really like to add the product to the menu. The ice maker isn’t a good fit for the volume required, but the original investment is not yet depreciated. Restaurant B, however, leased a commercial ice maker and is nearing the end of the lease. Restaurant B is excited about leasing a new machine that offers more volume capacity for additional menu items. Be sure and talk with your tax advisor or CPA before you make a final decision concerning leasing a commercial ice machine. He or she can guide you to the best situation for your business based on your specific needs, time frames and cash flow.