New Orleans Restaurant Supply: New Orleans is home to some of the best restaurants in the country. And they need an ongoing supply resource, whether you have a bar, you’re in business to serve large parties or have a neighborhood establishment to serve the family who doesn’t like to cook. It helps to have a New Orleans restaurant supply that’s a wholesale resource with good pricing and friendly sales help. From 70119 to 70130 and all around NOLA, you need a good restaurant supply store serving the hotel, caterers, sports bars, organic and other restaurant supply stores needs. Whatever your size or neighborhood, you are likely expecting a review with 5 stars from customers. And having an ongoing account for kitchen products is a necessity to keep you at the top of the list. In this post, we’d like to give you a tip about how to use available time to get a good price on commercial kitchen equipment.

 New Orleans Restaurant Supply Suggestions

We suggest that you keep a list ready so that when a court order sale of furniture or other property comes available, you’re ready to shop for what you need most. The state laws will typically set the guidelines for a sale from legal division of assets, sometimes arising from separation of owners. Businesses in such a case may offer a variety of items, including pans or a catering cart to a food prep table, commercial refrigeration or ice machine. Consider dining, beverage, and even cleaning needs for your chef and staff. When the opportunity for a great price on kitchen equipment is available, you may want to stock up or add another refrigeration option to your place. Having a back-up plan can pay off in efficiency for staff or when some of your refrigeration equipment breaks down.


The Louisiana restaurant business is changing, and in 2013, people find restaurants on apps on their mobile phone, look at the website photos and rating, find a map for directions to the address. Sometimes as soon as they pay their check, they may write a review to give other friends information and news about your restaurant. While you may still advertise, it may well be the searches from friends that yield results and send customers to your restaurant. It is the changing nature of the business that requires you to know companies that can give you the best deals to save money on New Orleans restaurant supply.


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Ice & Refrigeration Systems is a national distributor of restaurant supplies, and we realize that legal distributions of assets aren’t always available. However, we do offer a low price guarantee on everything we sell and we take pride in our services to customers. Restaurant supply restaurant equipment is our specialty. We work with all the major manufacturers of commercial restaurant equipment supplies, and can help you make purchase or lease decisions that are in the best interest of your establishment. We make it easy for you to do business with us. Contact Ice & Refrigeration Systems at 817-888-3056. Don’t delay. Send us an email from our website, and browse a video about equipment on our YouTube channel.


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