Les et le bon ton roulez! New Orleans is THE place for parties and fun. And every party needs good quality ice. Restaurants, hotels, churches and offices want pure, clean ice whether it’s a cube or crushed. To ensure that you get the highest quality commercial ice machine for the best value, talk with Ice & Refrigeration Systems.

Commercial ice machines: understand what you do (and don’t) need

The choices of commercial ice machines may seem overwhelming. Here’s a good way to begin:

  • How will you use the ice? In drinks or for cooling and storage? Soft drinks or cocktails? The usage will drive the shape of ice you need.
  • How pure is the municipal water? How hard will the water filtration system need to work to keep the ice as clean as possible?
  • How many people will your ice machine serve per day? How much does the amount vary by time of year, such as summer or Mardi Gras?
  • Where will you put a commercial ice machine? Do you prefer under the counter or on top? Do you have space for a stand alone?
  • Have you ever had a commercial ice machines? What are the things that you liked or didn’t like about the one you had?

We’ll talk about your answers to the above questions, and then give you choices that fit your needs. As dealers, we offer a variety of manufacturers. You have many considerations such as type and volume of ice, varying needs for maintenance, water and energy efficiency, along with budget.

Ice & Refrigeration Systems: focused on customers

Your decision to buy or lease a commercial ice machine is one that you’ll live with for several years. Ice & Refrigeration Systems has a reputation for quality service, attention to detail, resourcefulness and accessibility. Whatever your budget or business need, you can purchase or select a lease starting as low as $59.00/month. And, leases come with a free water filtration system (up to a $59 value). We offer free delivery on all ice machines.

You can count on Ice & Refrigeration Systems’ track record of success. Talk with us about your goals for a commercial ice machine.

New Orleans Commercial Ice Machines