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Commercial Ice Machine In Monroe

by | Dec 9, 2015 | a, Budget, Glass Door Freezers, Reach In Freezers | 0 comments

The Restaurant Storeitv ice machine maker 30 inch ice storage bin 510lbs model s500Monroe and the Twin Cities area offer an easy-going quality of life. And whether going to Biedenharn Museum & Gardens, Black Bayou Lake National Wildlife Refuge or Chennault Aviation & Military Museum of Louisiana, northeast Louisianans need a lot of ice. Restaurants, churches and businesses benefit from having a dependable commercial ice machine. Ice & Refrigeration Systems helps you find and lease or purchase the perfect ice machine for your business or organization.

How to determine which commercial ice machine you need

Start with making a few decisions:

  1. How much ice you need per day – A daily amount can be adjusted with an increase in volume for special events. See the e-book below for a serving chart for pounds/person depending on type of business.
  2. How you’ll use the ice – From small flakes (flaker ice machines) to large cubes (ice machines that produce large cubes), you can get the ice you need to store food, serve fountain drinks or pour cocktails. Shapes and types of ice melt at different rates and can affect the taste of beverages.
  3. Where you’ll put a commercial ice machine – Based on space limitations, you can choose stand alone, under counter or countertop. And, amount of energy used often relates to location. We can talk with you about getting your best energy efficiency.
  4. How much staff assistance you have for maintenance – Some machines require more attention than others for water filtration and cleaning. Be sure to take maintenance into consideration to extend the life of your ice machine.
  5. What personal preferences affect your lease or purchase – Think about features that are important to you, or things that you want to avoid.

When you work with Ice & Refrigeration Systems, you get an un-biased approach because we have experience working with many manufacturers. We’ll take your list of criteria and recommend a choice of machines that fit your needs for cleaning, maintenance, energy and water efficiency.

What you can expect from Ice & Refrigeration Systems

  • You’ll get professional recommendations on the best machine for your size and type of business or organization.
  • You can ask for references to learn about our reputation for attention to detail and follow-through.
  • You’ll get a timely, extremely price competitive quote tailored to your need.
  • You’ll have free delivery of your commercial ice machine, whether you lease or purchase.

Our Glass Door Freezers start at $56.00/month and Reach-In Coolers start at $39.00/month. Or, you can purchase a machine with a variety of finance offers.

Let Ice & Refrigeration Systems be your source for a quality ice machine that fits your budget.

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