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Commercial Ice Machines In Longview

Longview Commercial Ice Machines


Longview has a history of hospitality, which is what makes it such a nice place to live and visit. And with a lot of activity comes the need for restaurants, churches and businesses to have a dependable commercial ice machine. Ice & Refrigeration Systems helps you identify and purchase or lease the ideal machine for your business or organization.


5 important considerations for commercial ice machines


  1. How much ice you need per day – Based on pounds per person, the amount is likely more than you think. Remember to include special events and balance with daily needs. The e-book has a serving chart for pounds/person depending on type of business.
  2. How you’ll use the ice – Types and shapes of ice melt at different rates and can affect the taste of beverages. With options from small flakes to large cubes, you can get the ice you need whether you use ice to store food, serve fountain drinks or pour cocktails.
  3. Where you’ll put a commercial ice machine – With all machines, location can affect energy usage. Based on space availability, you can choose stand alone, under counter or countertop.
  4. How much filtration you need for clear, pure ice – Cleaner water means cleaner ice and a longer lasting machine. Water filters vary in type and maintenance need.
  5. What experience you have with ice machines – If you have worked with commercial ice machines in the past, your wish list of features is a great place to start in getting the right machine.


Ice & Refrigeration Systems is a Texas-based dealer that gives you an un-biased approach because we work with many manufacturers. We can help you compare needs for cleaning, maintenance, energy and water efficiency based on similar customer experiences and budgets.


3 ways you’ll benefit from Ice & Refrigeration Systems

  1. You’ll get expert, non-biased recommendations on the best machine for your business or organization.
  2. You can talk with existing customers about their experience with us. We have a reputation for excellent service, accessibility and attention to detail.
  3. We are extremely price competitive.


You can choose a lease starting at $59.00/month, and get a free water filtration system (up to a $59 value). Or, purchase a machine with a variety of finance offers. We always offer free delivery on all ice machines.


Take the heat out of making a commercial ice machine purchase or lease. Ice & Refrigeration Systems is your source for the quality machines that fit your budget.

Longview Commercial Ice Machines


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Lester Bergeron by Lester Bergeron, president of Ice & Refrigeration Systems. Les and his team help businesses complete their kitchen needs by providing reasonably priced refrigeration systems and other restaurant supplies. Lester can be reached at Google+, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

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