Lafayette loves a festival. And a big part of a successful festival is having enough ice. Commercial ice machines give your restaurant, church or office pure, clean ice all year long. And to get the highest quality commercial ice machine for the best value, talk with Ice & Refrigeration Systems.

How to get the best commercial ice machine for your business or organization

You have many choices. Start by asking a few questions:

  • How will I use the ice? The purpose will determine the type of ice you need. It may be different for drinks or for cooling and storage. And soft drinks have greater flexibility than cocktails.
  • How pure is the water that creates the ice? The cleaner the water and the ice, the longer your machine will last. Water filtration is an important feature.
  • How many people do I need to serve per day? Consider seasonal usage and balance it with day-to-day needs. Open the e-book below to see a serving chart for pounds/person.
  • Where will I put a commercial ice machine? Determine if it needs to fit under the counter or on top. Or, you may want to use space for a stand-alone machine.
  • Do I have any preferences? Think about things that you like or don’t like about commercial ice machines. Having a wish list helps narrow the field of choices.

Let’s talk about your answers to the questions, and then find a range of ice machines that fit your needs. We offer an un-biased approach as dealers and represent many manufacturers. We’ll also talk about the varying needs for maintenance, energy and water efficiency – all with an eye on your budget.

Why you can rely on Ice & Refrigeration Systems

Buying or leasing a commercial ice machine is an important decision for your business or organization. We have a reputation for attention to detail, quality service, and accessibility. Whatever your business need or budget, we’ll help you find the right ice machine. Select a lease starting at $59.00/month, and get a free water filtration system (up to a $59 value). Or, purchase a machine with a variety of finance offers. We give you free delivery on all ice machines.

Ice & Refrigeration Systems has a track record of success. Let us add you to our list of satisfied customers.

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