Kold Draft commercial ice machines are known for high quality ice. The first difference that you’ll notice when you look at Kold Draft commercial machines is that it has a horizontal evaporator. All other commercial ice machines have vertical evaporators. Having a horizontal evaporator means that ice is dropped down in individual ice cubes, not sheets. This type of ice-making is especially good for bagging ice because it reduces the ‘clusters’ of ice that band together when dropping from a vertical sheet.

Horizontal evaporators use gravity and give the lightest, cleanest ice possible because the cleanest molecules make ice first. Very clean, pure ice also melts slower than other cubes. Drinks are less diluted because the ice is slower to melt.

Kold-Draft, a maker of commercial ice makers and commercial ice machines since 1955, is best known for their large-cubed ice. Measuring 1 ¼ x 1 ¼ x 1 ¼ inches, the large cubes have a slower melt time than smaller ice. Half-cubes are also available from the same machines and are easier for some customers to handle.

Another distinguishing feature of Kold-Draft machines is the gravity-assisted horizontal ice making system. A horizontal evaporator reduces the need for water filtration equipment or a self-cleaning system and naturally eliminates impurities that can form in a vertical system. Cleaner ice means that the taste of the drink isn’t distorted by the water from the ice.

Kold-Draft has a reputation for long-lasting ice machines capable of producing from 300 to 2,400 pounds of ice per day. Many customers own their machines from 15 to 30 years. And, they offer a five-year warranty that includes parts and labor – the longest warranty in the industry. All ice makers meet the energy-efficiency standards set by the California Energy Commission’s 2008 Building Energy Efficiency Standards.

Kold-Draft’s primary customer markets are the restaurant, hotel, schools/institution and cruise line industry. A new product expands Kold-Draft into the grocery, convenience store and warehouse club market – the In-Store Bagging Ice Bagging System.

Benefits of Kold Draft Commercial Ice Machines

Kold Draft offers two sizes of cubes, a full cube and a half cube. The full cubes are large, about an inch in diameter, and they’re very popular in high-end cocktails. Half cubes are often used as ice in soft drinks, and for bagging. Slow melting, pure ice produces the highest quality bagged ice because it has less tendency to stick together in the bag. For more information about Kold Draft commercial ice makers, call Ice & Refrigeration Systems at 817-888-3056 or visit us at www.letsmakeice.com.

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