Efficient restaurant equipment for Austin

A better run kitchen translates to a better run restaurant. In Austin, getting the right restaurant equipment for efficiency is easy with Ice & Refrigeration Systems. We work with you, asking the questions that can help you determine the exact restaurant equipment you need for your type of restaurant and your budget.

Here are a few examples of restaurant equipment that can make your job easier:

Multiple Types Of Coolers and Freezers – Having refrigeration options in addition to your commercial refrigerator in the kitchen can save staff time, and even encourage impulse purchases in the front of the house. Consider the advantage of a glass door cooler which offers storage and display at the same time. Customers see what’s available and a sales opportunity is created. Even in the kitchen, the addition of an undercounter refrigerator makes it easy in-and-out for employees who need access to frequently used products.

Food Utensils – Every kitchen needs the basics to prepare food efficiently. What’s more, you want food utensils that can endure the commercial use in your restaurant kitchen. Check out our selection of the finest products on the market.

Display & Serving – Another way to add efficiency for staff, if your restaurant concept allows, is to provide display cases to either store or serve food. Refrigerated display will reduce space needs in your commercial kitchen refrigerator, and will encourage sales. Types of display and serving cases include: cold and hot serving units, sushi display case, grab and go units, and merchandisers.

Energy Savings

It’s possible for your restaurant equipment to save energy by following four principles:

1. Turn commercial kitchen equipment off when not in use. (Naturally, this doesn’t apply to chilling equipment.)
2. Set timers on your commercial ice makers to make and store ice at non-peak energy times.
3. Evaluate your cooking methods for energy-efficiency. Replace equipment as needed with Energy Star-rated equipment. For example, an Energy Star-rated commercial steamer uses 90% less water than a standard commercial steamer.
4. Stay on top of maintenance and calibration of all commercial kitchen equipment. Repair seals on refrigeration equipment to prevent energy leaks; check the thermostats on refrigeration, hot water heaters and ovens to assure that they stay at the proper operating temperature.

Ice & Refrigeration Systems offers experienced consultation for restaurant owners and managers. We work with a carefully selected range of manufacturers to offer competitive pricing for restaurants of all sizes and types. And, you get free delivery on all restaurant equipment. For a purchase or lease, call Ice & Refrigeration Systems at 817-888-3056.