Odessa Commercial Ice Machines

Odessa Commercial Ice Machines


It occurred to me that people in the Odessa, Texas area might be wondering, “How do I choose which company I work with to buy a commercial ice machine?” So, with that question in mind, let me tell you a bit about how we work with customers.


  • Listening with an experienced ear – First of all, we want you to talk about your needs for ice – how you use ice (food storage, fountain drinks, cocktails), how much ice you typically need per day in peak and off-peak seasons, what shapes of ice you prefer, if any.
  • Talking about priorities – Beyond the feature list of a commercial ice machine are other things that are important to you – water efficiency, energy efficiency, maintenance needs and space restrictions.
  • Choosing finance options – Whether you purchase or lease will depend on your budget as well as your anticipated volume of use (heavy vs. light). You can lease an ice machine for as low as $59/month, which includes a free water filtration system.


Ice & Refrigeration Systems uses our broad experience with restaurants, businesses, churches and more to help you find the right commercial ice machine for your needs and preferences. We’re Texas-owned and operated dealers who are committed to being price competitive. And, we offer free shipping on all the products you buy or lease from us. So, yes, it’s worth a call to 817-888-3056 to find out more.



Odessa Commercial Ice Machines

Commercial Ice Machines In Little Rock

Little Rock is THE place to be in Arkansas for entertainment and nightlife. And such a dynamic and vibrant city demands quality ice. Whether or not you have an idea of the type of ice you prefer – from flaked to cubed – Ice & Refrigeration Systems can help. We source commercial ice machines for restaurants, hotels, churches and businesses.

How to find your best commercial ice machines

You have many choices when it comes to finding the right commercial ice machine. Here are a few questions to get you started:

  • What is the primary use for the ice? Fountain drinks? Water? Cocktails? Storage/keeping food cold?
  • How pure is the municipal water in your area? Is water filtration a major consideration?
  • How many people per day will use your ice? Does the amount vary greatly by season?
  • Does the location for your ice machine have any limitations? Do you have a preference for above or under counter or stand alone?
  • Do you have any previous experience with commercial ice machines? What features and benefits are most important to you?

Starting with your answers to the above questions, we’ll narrow the choices to help you compare manufacturers, types of ice, volume, maintenance needs, energy efficiency and pricing.

Why choose Ice & Refrigeration Systems

Sourcing the right commercial ice machine is an important decision that you will live with for several years. Ice & Refrigeration Systems keeps customers happy nationwide because of our experience, service and attention to detail. You can choose from a purchase or a lease, based on your business and financial needs. Leases start as low as $59.00/month and come with a free water filtration system (up to a $59 value). And, you get free delivery of any ice machine.

Get the best quality commercial ice machine from a dealer with a track record of success: Ice & Refrigeration Systems.

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Little Rock Commercial Ice Machines

Commercial Ice Machines In Lafayette

Lafayette loves a festival. And a big part of a successful festival is having enough ice. Commercial ice machines give your restaurant, church or office pure, clean ice all year long. And to get the highest quality commercial ice machine for the best value, talk with Ice & Refrigeration Systems.

How to get the best commercial ice machine for your business or organization

You have many choices. Start by asking a few questions:

  • How will I use the ice? The purpose will determine the type of ice you need. It may be different for drinks or for cooling and storage. And soft drinks have greater flexibility than cocktails.
  • How pure is the water that creates the ice? The cleaner the water and the ice, the longer your machine will last. Water filtration is an important feature.
  • How many people do I need to serve per day? Consider seasonal usage and balance it with day-to-day needs. Open the e-book below to see a serving chart for pounds/person.
  • Where will I put a commercial ice machine? Determine if it needs to fit under the counter or on top. Or, you may want to use space for a stand-alone machine.
  • Do I have any preferences? Think about things that you like or don’t like about commercial ice machines. Having a wish list helps narrow the field of choices.

Let’s talk about your answers to the questions, and then find a range of ice machines that fit your needs. We offer an un-biased approach as dealers and represent many manufacturers. We’ll also talk about the varying needs for maintenance, energy and water efficiency – all with an eye on your budget.

Why you can rely on Ice & Refrigeration Systems

Buying or leasing a commercial ice machine is an important decision for your business or organization. We have a reputation for attention to detail, quality service, and accessibility. Whatever your business need or budget, we’ll help you find the right ice machine. Select a lease starting at $59.00/month, and get a free water filtration system (up to a $59 value). Or, purchase a machine with a variety of finance offers. We give you free delivery on all ice machines.

Ice & Refrigeration Systems has a track record of success. Let us add you to our list of satisfied customers.

Lafayette, LA – Commercial Ice Machines

Corpus Christi Commercial Ice Machines

Corpus Christi Commercial Ice Machines


Visitors that come to Corpus Christi creates a demand for quality ice. They visit for a number of reasons including fishing, sight-seeing the botanical gardens or to relax on the beach. That’s why it’s imperative that clean, fresh ice is available for consumption or to keep the fish fresh.


Fortunately, we at Ice & Refrigeration Systems offer ice machines that provide the types of ice that will provide your customers a variety of types of ice for their drinks from gourmet to dice shaped ice.


What’s more, we have ice machines that produce flaker ice which is ideal to display food such as fish. The production from these machines delivers from 150 lbs up to 2,600 lbs of ice daily.


Do you appreciate getting the most for your money? If so, we have a great offer of a FREE water filter and delivery to your door. Whether you want a new ice maker or a used one, we can deliver something that is perfect for you.


All we need is to discuss what you need to accomplish daily and the space you have available. That and a few more questions will allow us to propose some ice makers that suit your needs.


You can reach us by either calling our office today or complete the contact form to the right.


Corpus Christi Commercial Ice Machines

Restaurant Owners: What’s New with Beverage Trends for 2015

Beverage TrendsCatching the wave on beverage trends is a great way to keep profits flowing to a restaurant’s bottom line. With food costs going up, up, up, restaurant owners have to raise prices or take a haircut on profit, sometimes both. Profit margins have always been significant for alcoholic beverages. However, it also makes sense to offer a wide variety of non-alcoholic beverages. When considering that a non-alcoholic beverage cost of much lower than $1 can often be sold for $2 to $4, the numbers work in a restaurant’s favor.

Consumers are moving toward specialty non-alcoholic beverages, spurred on by the popularity of drinks leading the way at places like Starbucks and McDonalds. The same beverage trends that consumers buy at retail, such as specialty waters, teas, dairy-substitutes, and energy drinks, will sell in restaurants. Here are six ways to spice up your non-alcoholic beverage offering to add excitement and profits to menu items:

    1. Create signature drinks – Develop house-made beverages such as soft drinks with flavors or fresh fruit additions. While sales of soft drinks are in decline, craft carbonated beverages are trending up. House-made lemonade with twists of various flavors are also a good way to set your menu apart.
    2. Offer a variety of teas – Specialty tea is a beverage trend to serve either hot or cold. Consumers are increasingly attracted to tea as an option, because it is perceived to be healthier than soft drinks. Because of the relatively low cost for tea, it’s easy to offer a variety: citrus, berry, and chai teas are popular in addition to green tea or traditional black tea. ‘Freshly brewed’ is another buzzword for tea, and the cost to brew your own tea is significantly lower than bottled, concentrate, or even fountain tea.
    3. Provide a choice of waters – Coconut water is coming on strong as a trend, and regional water or source-specific waters are also popular.
    4. Market non-alcoholic beverages in the bar – Designated drivers and non-alcohol drinkers appreciate having something special to drink. Create a signature virgin cocktail or craft carbonated soft drinks and teas.
    5. Sell drinks as dessert – Hot or cold lattes, frozen blended smoothies with or without coffee, and other coffee drinks are ways to increase the dollar amount of each check.
      Make drinks look delicious – Presentation goes a long way in satisfaction and also in boosting social media presence. Diners like to take photos of beautiful food to post on Instagram, Facebook, and Snap Chat.
    6. Making your drinks look good is another way to keep the conversation about a restaurant going. One way to help those drinks present well is to choose ice that is healthy and long-lasting.

Remember that beverages aren’t just an add-on to the menu to quench thirst with food. Beverages are a compliment to the meal, before, during, or after the food. Developing a variety of beverages to work with different aspects of the menu set a restaurant apart and provide opportunities for greater profit.

San Angelo Commercial Ice Machines

San Angelo Commercial Ice Machines


San Angelo is experiencing the newest trend in beverages – smoothies, iced lemonade and iced coffee drinks. So, when considering a new commercial ice machine, be sure to prepare for an increase in ice usage based on any new beverages you want to offer. Because your commercial ice machine is a significant investment that you’ll live with for up to 10 or more years, here are two other things to think about:


Location(s) – Your work flow may demand that you need several small commercial ice machines instead of one large one. Consider personnel traffic flow for greatest efficiency. The placement of your commercial ice machine in a cool location, away from the heat of the kitchen, will also help it to be more productive and require less frequent maintenance.

Demand of peak vs. off-peak use – If a smaller ice machine is better for your location and general needs, you can still add a larger bin to collect ice for higher-demand times. But also understand that you are likely to use more ice than you anticipate. Remember to account for non-beverage use of ice also, such as keeping food cool.


And when planning for a future commercial ice machine purchase or lease, be sure to talk with an expert, non-biased dealer like Ice & Refrigeration Systems. Texas owned and operated, we work with companies and organizations of all sizes to source the best commercial ice machine based on need, preferences and budget. You can lease a new ice machine for as low as $59/month, including a free water filtration system. And, we offer free shipping on all our products. Plan ahead by calling us at 817-888-3056 or contact us today.


San Angelo Commercial Ice Machines