Restaurant Equipment: Efficient For Austin


Efficient restaurant equipment for Austin

A better run kitchen translates to a better run restaurant. In Austin, getting the right restaurant equipment for efficiency is easy with Ice & Refrigeration Systems. We work with you, asking the questions that can help you determine the exact restaurant equipment you need for your type of restaurant and your budget.

Here are a few examples of restaurant equipment that can make your job easier:

Multiple Types Of Coolers and Freezers – Having refrigeration options in addition to your commercial refrigerator in the kitchen can save staff time, and even encourage impulse purchases in the front of the house. Consider the advantage of a glass door cooler which offers storage and display at the same time. Customers see what’s available and a sales opportunity is created. Even in the kitchen, the addition of an undercounter refrigerator makes it easy in-and-out for employees who need access to frequently used products.

Food Utensils – Every kitchen needs the basics to prepare food efficiently. What’s more, you want food utensils that can endure the commercial use in your restaurant kitchen. Check out our selection of the finest products on the market.

Display & Serving – Another way to add efficiency for staff, if your restaurant concept allows, is to provide display cases to either store or serve food. Refrigerated display will reduce space needs in your commercial kitchen refrigerator, and will encourage sales. Types of display and serving cases include: cold and hot serving units, sushi display case, grab and go units, and merchandisers.

Energy Savings

It’s possible for your restaurant equipment to save energy by following four principles:

1. Turn commercial kitchen equipment off when not in use. (Naturally, this doesn’t apply to chilling equipment.)
2. Set timers on your commercial ice makers to make and store ice at non-peak energy times.
3. Evaluate your cooking methods for energy-efficiency. Replace equipment as needed with Energy Star-rated equipment. For example, an Energy Star-rated commercial steamer uses 90% less water than a standard commercial steamer.
4. Stay on top of maintenance and calibration of all commercial kitchen equipment. Repair seals on refrigeration equipment to prevent energy leaks; check the thermostats on refrigeration, hot water heaters and ovens to assure that they stay at the proper operating temperature.

Ice & Refrigeration Systems offers experienced consultation for restaurant owners and managers. We work with a carefully selected range of manufacturers to offer competitive pricing for restaurants of all sizes and types. And, you get free delivery on all restaurant equipment. For a purchase or lease, call Ice & Refrigeration Systems at 817-888-3056.

New Orleans Restaurant Supply

New Orleans Restaurant Supply: New Orleans is home to some of the best restaurants in the country. And they need an ongoing supply resource, whether you have a bar, you’re in business to serve large parties or have a neighborhood establishment to serve the family who doesn’t like to cook. It helps to have a New Orleans restaurant supply that’s a wholesale resource with good pricing and friendly sales help. From 70119 to 70130 and all around NOLA, you need a good restaurant supply store serving the hotel, caterers, sports bars, organic and other restaurant supply stores needs. Whatever your size or neighborhood, you are likely expecting a review with 5 stars from customers. And having an ongoing account for kitchen products is a necessity to keep you at the top of the list. In this post, we’d like to give you a tip about how to use available time to get a good price on commercial kitchen equipment.

 New Orleans Restaurant Supply Suggestions

We suggest that you keep a list ready so that when a court order sale of furniture or other property comes available, you’re ready to shop for what you need most. The state laws will typically set the guidelines for a sale from legal division of assets, sometimes arising from separation of owners. Businesses in such a case may offer a variety of items, including pans or a catering cart to a food prep table, commercial refrigeration or ice machine. Consider dining, beverage, and even cleaning needs for your chef and staff. When the opportunity for a great price on kitchen equipment is available, you may want to stock up or add another refrigeration option to your place. Having a back-up plan can pay off in efficiency for staff or when some of your refrigeration equipment breaks down.


The Louisiana restaurant business is changing, and in 2013, people find restaurants on apps on their mobile phone, look at the website photos and rating, find a map for directions to the address. Sometimes as soon as they pay their check, they may write a review to give other friends information and news about your restaurant. While you may still advertise, it may well be the searches from friends that yield results and send customers to your restaurant. It is the changing nature of the business that requires you to know companies that can give you the best deals to save money on New Orleans restaurant supply.


See Our New Orleans Restaurant Supply Store

Ice & Refrigeration Systems is a national distributor of restaurant supplies, and we realize that legal distributions of assets aren’t always available. However, we do offer a low price guarantee on everything we sell and we take pride in our services to customers. Restaurant supply restaurant equipment is our specialty. We work with all the major manufacturers of commercial restaurant equipment supplies, and can help you make purchase or lease decisions that are in the best interest of your establishment. We make it easy for you to do business with us. Contact Ice & Refrigeration Systems at 817-888-3056. Don’t delay. Send us an email from our website, and browse a video about equipment on our YouTube channel.


New Orleans Restaurant Supply Stores



Tulsa Restaurant Supply

Tulsa Restaurant Supply: Tulsa restaurant owners and managers are always seeking a good price on products for in-house dining, a bar, or catering. Good prices on equipment contribute to profitability and the opportunity to stay on top of food trends. Restaurant equipment tulsa puts your restaurant on the map and gets your phone ringing for business. And, let’s face it; having a place that gets a good review or stars from a customer is the ultimate goal. So, how do you ensure that you get a good deal on restaurant equipment supplies? Here are two ways:
1) You can locate a sale on commercial kitchen items as a result of division of assets in a court case.  When there is a bankruptcy or separation of ownership, such as in family businesses, the legal parties may decide on a division of assets. There are state laws connected to the court order, but the result may be an opportunity to shop for furniture property or even small items such as pans, a food cart, or a table for your cook. Other stainless steel accessories you may want are racks for ovens, serving dishes, knives, and drawer inserts for organizing.

2) You need a resource that will offer you a low price guarantee on a purchase or lease. And more than just low price, you want a dealer who gets a good rating for service.

Tulsa Restaurant Supply

Ice & Refrigeration Systems is a national distributor of food supplies, and as our name implies, we specialize in ice machines and commercial refrigeration. We offer other services, such as helping you make the best decision for your restaurant based on our work with all the major manufacturers of commercial restaurant equipment. You can count on the information we provide because we work with all sizes of establishments from independents to corporations. We make it easy for you to do business with us. We cover the bases with a policy to have the most popular equipment and parts in stock or readily available. You can even create an account and shop our Tusla restaurant supply store from the comfort of your home. See pics of the equipment to see the condition before you buy. Feel free to call and discuss the photos with us so that you don’t worry about having inaccurate information. We’ll check on any issues your company has to give you the assurance you need as if you were working locally. When you shop with us online, you don’t have to stop and think about addresses maps driving or directions.
Tulsa Restaurant Supply

To get the results you desire, make a list of what you need and divide it into what you can purchase from a court sale and what you don’t have time to wait to purchase. Search no further, contact Ice & Refrigeration Systems at 817-888-3056. We make sales and lease restaurant equipment supplies to the 918 area code with excellent terms from close by in TX. If you want to come to our offices, you are welcome. Just let us know if you need maps driving directions for the trip south. Just write and send us an email from our website. Ice & Refrigeration Systems wants to be your Tulsa restaurant supply store.
Tulsa Restaurant Supply

Charlotte Restaurant Supply

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Only to the contiguous United States

Charlotte Restaurant Supply: Even restaurants that practice regular maintenance caring for commercial kitchen equipment must have a list of assets that will need upgrading or replacing. The list may have large items, including an ice machine, commercial refrigerator, food prep table or furniture, or small items such as pans, bar supplies or a catering cart. A restaurant supply store features wholesale pricing on appliances serving the needs of North Carolina. One way to shop for a good price on commercial kitchen products is to watch for a sale mandated by a court order for a distribution of property in an establishment closing. Businesses close for many reasons, such as a separation of ownership. In such a case, the state laws may require a legal division of assets so that both parties receive an equitable portion.

When you locate a liquidation sale, you will probably have an opportunity for views prior to time of purchase. You may also be able to review information about the products prior to the event. Some of our customers are able to make purchases when there is a divide of assets. However, you need an additional resource that can provide services based on knowledge of the food industry for your Charlotte restaurant supply needs. For example, if you are considering Energy Star® rated equipment (typically ice machines, commercial refrigerators and dishwashers), Ice & Refrigeration Systems can help you determine the savings and feasibility of the purchase based on your kitchen configuration and projections. For example, if you want to enlarge your kitchen to handle more cooking, you’ll need a place that understands the range from designer to basic equipment so that you don’t get inaccurate information.

Here Are Things To Consider When Purchasing Restaurant Supplies

  • Walk-In Refrigerators maximize space and provide additional storage. You can even place the refrigerator outside of your restaurant. Another way to increase storage is to configure shelving to make the most of your cubic foot space. Depending on how you use your refrigerator, pan slides may be an excellent option to consider.
  • Undercounters & Worktops are excellent for storing frequently used items. Used as a secondary refrigerator, the undercounter unit can be conveniently placed for employee usage. And energy is saved by reducing the constant in-and-out on one large unit.
  • Glass Door Coolers provide storage and display at the same time. They can often be strategically placed to provide opportunities for add-on sales per head.
  • Cold Serving Units also provide an opportunity for customers to self-select items. You can use them to showcase a variety of cold products at the same time, from food to beverages.
  • Bar Refrigerators, such as the three-glass door back bar refrigerator, make bar tenders more efficient with greater ability to serve customers quickly.

Charlotte Restaurant Supply Store

Ice & Refrigeration Systems is a national distributor of restaurant supply items, and we work with all the major manufacturers of commercial restaurant equipment supplies. We offer friendly service and go the extra mile to save money for customers. We’re known as a restaurant supply restaurant store across the states. From family-owned restaurants to corporate purchasers of commercial supplies, Ice & Refrigeration Systems makes it easy for you to open an account and do business with us. Because restaurants are competitive, we want you to know that we have a privacy policy about how we handle our customers companies. During your search, we’ll help you run the numbers to choose between a sale and a lease. Our goal is to earn ‘stars’ in your opinion of our service with expert advice based on experience. Contact us via email or call 817-888-3056. You can also check out our you tube channel and view a video about our restaurant supply company.


 Charlotte Restaurant Supply

Commercial Ice Makers – Refrigeration Maintenance & Repair


National distributor of quality commercial ice makers and refrigerators, Ice & Refrigeration Systems, introduces a video series to provide a wide range of product knowledge. The series gives owners and managers of restaurants, churches and offices the ability to learn about commercial kitchen equipment and see the level of expertise available with Ice & Refrigeration Systems (I&R). Other videos in the series include:

Commercial Ice makers

Ice & Refrigeration Systems works with about 20 manufacturers, so we understand the different strengths of each manufacturer and what makes them a good fit for specific customer situations. Always competitively priced, Ice & Refrigeration Systems ships products nationally, often without a delivery charge.

If you already have a machine and need service, feel free to contact us for refrigeration equipment repair by calling 817-888-3056.

Below are services we offer:

  • Acid clean ice machines
  • Adjustment & replacement of defrost timer clocks
  • Check temperature
  • Commercial ice machine maintenance
  • Commercial refrigeration repair
  • Compressor repair / replacement
  • Condenser coil cleaning
  • Condenser fan repair
  • Condenser repair / replacement
  • Defrosting frozen coils in coolers & freezers
  • Evaporator coil repair
  • Evaporator coil replacement
  • Evaporator fan repair
  • Fan motor service / replacement
  • Freon leak detection
  • Freon leak repair
  • Head pressure control replacement
  • Ice bin service / repair
  • Ice box service / repair
  • Ice dispenser service / repair
  • Ice machine dump valve
  • Ice machine maintenance
  • Ice machine parts
  • Ice machine service / repair
  • Ice machine water curtain
  • Ice machine water pump replacement
  • Ice machine water valve
  • Nitrogen leak check service
  • Pressure control repair/ replacement
  • Reach in cooler service / repair
  • Reach in freezer service / repair
  • Refrigerant leak check
  • Refrigerant leak repair
  • Refrigerant recovery / disposal
  • Refrigeration maintenance
  • Refrigeration repair
  • Retrofit refrigerant
  • Thermostatic expansion valve repair / replacement
  • Walk in cooler service / repair
  • Walk in freezer service / repair

Our knowledgeable staff sincerely wants to help you meet your commercial kitchen needs. You can call us at 817-888-3056.

Wholesale Restaurant Supply Houston

Creating a restaurant’s competitive edge becomes easier with the right equipment, and having a wholesale restaurant supply Houston resource is an essential ingredient for success.

All restaurants need at minimum a commercial refrigerator, commercial freezer and ice maker. It’s when restaurant owners go beyond the basics that a market niche evolves and can make a difference in average sales per head. For example:

All of the equipment to give food and beverages maximum chilling are available through wholesale restaurant supply Houston.

Food trends for wholesale restaurant supply Houston

One of the hottest food trends is frozen beverages. From frozen coffee smoothies to fruit combinations or milk-based frozen drinks, customers are seeking variety and can find a solution to their cravings at many quick-serve restaurants. Such a trend drives restaurant owners and managers to seek wholesale restaurant supply Houston. A frozen margarita machine can be used for alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages and the drinks add another opportunity to increase sales per head.

When Equipment Changes Are Needed

  • Expansion of the restaurant physically, such as additional sites, or internally, such as adding to or changing the menu
  • Outdated or worn-out equipment

Here are a few equipment suggestions for expanding restaurants whether new site- or menu-related:

Commercial Ice Makers meet the need for increased demand due to more customers or menu items that need ice, such as smoothies or iced coffees.

3 Glass Door Back Bar Refrigerator makes bar tenders more efficient, with greater ability to serve customers quickly.

Commercial Freezers give you greater capacity for food storage and ability to purchase in bulk and keep food fresh.

Upright Glass Door Beverage Coolers let customers self-select their drink, and can increase the sales per head as an impulse purchase.

Here are indicators that your equipment is due for replacement:

  • A desire to decrease energy bills can be met with Energy Star rated equipment. For example, the Energy Star rating typically results in up to a 15% energy savings for ice makers, and may qualify you for LEED credits.
  • Downtime from excessive equipment repair.
  • Age of equipment over 10 years. Some equipment may be in fine working condition 10 years or more. Consider the amount of use, and remember if a piece of restaurant equipment is frequently used, it will become less efficient and productive over time.

Here are three things to do before you even start the process of looking at commercial kitchen equipment:

  • Consider your menu to determine which equipment is most needed, and what capacity you need.
  • Get a list of local zoning and codes to meet health, fire and building specs for a commercial kitchen.
  • Get an energy evaluation from the electric company to determine electricity capacity for the equipment you think you’ll need. You don’t want to constantly blow the circuit.

Once you have a list of needed equipment, and parameters set by local codes, you can make decisions on where and how you’ll use the commercial kitchen equipment. This is a very important step that affects everything from energy efficiency to relationships in the kitchen and how quickly you’re able to get food out and turn tables. Here are three general principles to guide your kitchen design:

  • Keep the refrigeration and ice making equipment separate from the heating and cooking equipment as much as possible. You can greatly improve the energy efficiency of your cooling equipment if the cooler doesn’t have to work harder to overcome kitchen heat.
  • Consider work flow and the number of employees that will be moving around the kitchen. Create a traffic pattern that allows for ease of movement without conflict.
  • Pay attention to ease of access for employees to get and use the supplies they need, as well as portability of equipment for cleaning purposes.

Wholesale restaurant supply Houston has a source: Ice & Refrigeration Systems. Texas-based and price competitive, Ice & Refrigeration Systems offers free delivery and multiple finance options for sales or leases. To see how ‘Good People and Good Products Make Great Things Happen,’ call 817-888-3056.