Commercial Kitchen Equipment In New Orleans – Make It Last

How to Clean a Commercial Ice MachineYour commercial kitchen equipment is an investment that contributes to the success of your New Orleans restaurant. Keeping watch over the equipment with proper cleaning and maintenance gives you the ability to get more years out of your investment and also know when it’s time to replace equipment. Maintenance procedures can alert you to chronic issues with your commercial kitchen equipment. Knowledge is power when you can be proactive on your kitchen equipment before having a major breakdown during a peak dining hour.

Here are six ways that you can stay on top of your commercial kitchen equipment needs:

  1. Train employees to correctly use all equipment. If an employee misuses equipment that causes equipment failure, the mistake may not be covered by the warranty.
  2. Clean the commercial kitchen equipment every day to prevent a build-up of dirt and grease. This is a primary concern for public health inspectors.
  3. Pay attention to how your equipment is cleaned (click on picture above to see our YouTube video), using the proper chemical solution for each piece of equipment.
  4. Read the manual to note maintenance needs and put maintenance dates on your calendar. Some tasks, like deep cleaning, can be done by your staff. Other needs may require a technician.
  5. Understand which parts on the equipment are most prone to wear and tear. Replace parts before they break.
  6. Review the overall condition of the equipment when performing any maintenance function.

Stainless steel is more delicate to take care of than the name implies. When cleaning stainless steel commercial kitchen equipment, remember these things:

  1. Use only mild detergent or baking soda to clean, and move the rag in the same direction as the brushed finish to avoid scratches. (You can also use a cleaner specially made for stainless steel.)
  2. Clean surfaces after a spill or at least at the end of every day to prevent oil or food from damaging the finish.
  3. Wipe with a clean water cloth after using a cleaner to remove residue.
  4. Dry the surface so that water spots don’t damage the finish.

Talk with the experts at Ice & Refrigeration Systems about your commercial kitchen equipment needs. We can help you determine the best time to buy or lease new equipment, or help you find used commercial kitchen equipment. Delivery is always free from Ice & Refrigeration Systems. Call us – 817-888-3056.

Commercial Restaurant Equipment – North Carolina

Your North Carolina Commercial Restaurant Equipment Resource

The competitive market for commercial restaurant equipment means that your North Carolina restaurant has many choices of types of equipment in all categories. The good news is that manufacturers are driven to develop more and more options for the kitchen as well as the front of the house. The bad news is – the choices can be very confusing!

One of the ways your restaurant can be efficient is getting specific equipment that gets the job done. Coolers are a great example of the variety of choices available: beverage cooler, bottle cooler, glass door cooler, reach in cooler and walk-in cooler. And when you can use a piece of equipment to encourage impulse purchases, you’ll see sales per head increase. Consider the possible effect on sales in addition to traffic flow when buying or leasing new equipment.

It’s beneficial to have a resource that asks the right questions to help you get everything you need. From the obvious commercial ice machines and ice bins to the less obvious differences between prep tables. Ice & Refrigeration Systems has a history and a track record of providing commercial restaurant equipment at the most competitive price.

That’s where the solution to the bad news comes in – Ice & Refrigeration Systems makes buying or leasing new restaurant equipment clear and easy. Ice & Refrigeration Systems offers unbiased, comprehensive, and budget-minded help in selecting restaurant equipment. Just a few of the manufacturers we represent are Kold Draft, Hoshizaki, ITV, Manitowoc, Scotsman, Accutemp, Atlas Metal, Hussman, Howard-McCray, Fogel, and Silver King. We carefully select our working relationships with manufacturers and guarantee the best price to customers. Free delivery is standard on all purchases or leases. Talk with us about your priorities and your North Carolina commercial restaurant equipment needs. Call Ice & Refrigeration Systems at 817-888-3056.

Leasing Kitchen Equipment – Fort Worth & Arlington

The difference in buying vs. leasing kitchen equipment is best. Many companies that I talk with in Fort Worth and Arlington have questions about buying vs. leasing kitchen equipment.

Here are 5 of the most common reasons that business owners and managers choose leasing kitchen equipment over buying:

  1. Preserves capital and retains financial flexibility. Commercial ice making machines are a significant investment. Leasing provides an ‘easy –in’ to get the equipment you need without a large down payment.
  2. Keeps credit lines available. Financially, a lease is separate from your banking relationship, so leasing an ice machine doesn’t affect your amount of borrowing availability.
  3. Provides a tax deduction. Lease payments are typically treated as business expenses, which in essence reduces the final cost of your ice maker lease.
  4. Finalizing a lease is usually easier than purchasing equipment. You have flexible terms and options that make leasing an easier process than buying.
  5. Allows freedom from outdated equipment. When you lease, you are not tied to one technology for the entire life of the machine. As your business grows or changes, you can make changes at the end of your lease term that let you adapt to food and drink trends with your commercial ice machine.

Here’s a great example:

Restaurant A bought a commercial ice maker 5 years ago. There are 10 to even 15 years of life left on the machine. But now, smoothies are becoming very popular, and the manager would really like to add the product to the menu. The ice maker isn’t a good fit for the volume required, but the original investment is not yet depreciated.

Restaurant B, however, leased a commercial ice maker and is nearing the end of the lease. Restaurant B is excited about leasing a new machine that offers more volume capacity for additional menu items.

Be sure and talk with your tax advisor or CPA before you make a final decision concerning leasing a commercial ice machine. He or she can guide you to the best situation for your business based on your specific needs, time frames and cash flow.

lease kitchen equipment

Restaurant Equipment San Antonio

It takes a lot of equipment to get and keep a restaurant in business. And, if you’ve been in business for a while, you know that restaurant equipment needs replacing to stay efficient. San Antonio restaurants have a resource that can provide restaurant equipment at the best prices with free delivery: Ice & Refrigeration Systems. Our name only tells part of the story.

Because we work with all of the major manufacturers, we have access to all of the types of restaurant equipment you need:

There’s more, too, such as all of the prep tables you need for sandwiches, salads, pizza and more. But knowing the list of what you need is only the start of the process. Representatives who have experience and knowledge can work with you and your budget to get the best combination of equipment that meets your need for driving sales per head. Ice & Refrigeration Systems makes your job easy when buying or leasing restaurant equipment. We have relationships with a long list of high-quality manufacturers that fit any budget. Here’s a partial list of manufacturers of restaurant equipment we work with: Kold Draft, Hoshizaki, Manitowoc, Scotsman, Silver King, Univex, Moyer Diebel, Atlas Metal, Focus, and Arctic.

We’ll talk with you about the pros and cons of purchasing or leasing your San Antonio restaurant equipment to help you make the best decision for your situation. And, delivery is always free. Call Ice & Refrigeration Systems at 817-888-3056.

Commercial Ice Makers – Refrigeration Maintenance & Repair


National distributor of quality commercial ice makers and refrigerators, Ice & Refrigeration Systems, introduces a video series to provide a wide range of product knowledge. The series gives owners and managers of restaurants, churches and offices the ability to learn about commercial kitchen equipment and see the level of expertise available with Ice & Refrigeration Systems (I&R). Other videos in the series include:

Commercial Ice makers

Ice & Refrigeration Systems works with about 20 manufacturers, so we understand the different strengths of each manufacturer and what makes them a good fit for specific customer situations. Always competitively priced, Ice & Refrigeration Systems ships products nationally, often without a delivery charge.

If you already have a machine and need service, feel free to contact us for refrigeration equipment repair by calling 817-888-3056.

Below are services we offer:

  • Acid clean ice machines
  • Adjustment & replacement of defrost timer clocks
  • Check temperature
  • Commercial ice machine maintenance
  • Commercial refrigeration repair
  • Compressor repair / replacement
  • Condenser coil cleaning
  • Condenser fan repair
  • Condenser repair / replacement
  • Defrosting frozen coils in coolers & freezers
  • Evaporator coil repair
  • Evaporator coil replacement
  • Evaporator fan repair
  • Fan motor service / replacement
  • Freon leak detection
  • Freon leak repair
  • Head pressure control replacement
  • Ice bin service / repair
  • Ice box service / repair
  • Ice dispenser service / repair
  • Ice machine dump valve
  • Ice machine maintenance
  • Ice machine parts
  • Ice machine service / repair
  • Ice machine water curtain
  • Ice machine water pump replacement
  • Ice machine water valve
  • Nitrogen leak check service
  • Pressure control repair/ replacement
  • Reach in cooler service / repair
  • Reach in freezer service / repair
  • Refrigerant leak check
  • Refrigerant leak repair
  • Refrigerant recovery / disposal
  • Refrigeration maintenance
  • Refrigeration repair
  • Retrofit refrigerant
  • Thermostatic expansion valve repair / replacement
  • Walk in cooler service / repair
  • Walk in freezer service / repair

Our knowledgeable staff sincerely wants to help you meet your commercial kitchen needs. You can call us at 817-888-3056.

Commercial Kitchen Maintenance

Commercial kitchen maintenance proves to run best and ultimately succeed based on efficiency. And to have an efficient commercial kitchen, equipment must be well maintained. See California’s New Energy Efficiency Standards.

Commercial kitchen maintenance begins with cleanliness. Stainless steel kitchen equipment is easy to clean inside and out. Remember to train staff to move all equipment to clean under and behind the equipment, paying special attention to condenser coils on refrigerators and freezers as well.

Regular refrigerator maintenance tasks include making sure that drain lines are clear, the thermostat is working properly, gaskets on the doors have a tight seal, refrigerant level is adequate, and the condenser coils are clean.

Cleaning is critical to commercial kitchen maintenance. It takes only an hour or less, but the results are cleaner ice and a well running machine. Cleaning techniques vary based on the manufacturer and type of ice maker. When considering purchase of a new commercial ice machine, it’s a good idea to put ‘ease of cleaning’ on your list of decision criteria.

Here are three things to think about regarding your maintaining your commercial ice machine:

1. Take good care of your ice machine to extend (even double) the lifecycle.
How you care for your machine will determine how long you’re able to use it before replacing it. If usage is typical and not heavy, a commercial ice machine can be expected to last about 10 years. But, it’s possible to extend the life to even 20 years with consistent cleaning, sanitizing and changing of filters. Many machines are easy enough to maintain by the owner. Ask your distributor about the tasks that need to be handled by a professional. Needs and timing vary by manufacturer.

2. Perform routine maintenance at least every six months, depending on usage.
Heavier use, such as a fast food restaurant, will require more frequent servicing, especially filter changes. A dirtier filter allows impurities into the ice, such as scale. The impurities can have a negative effect on your machine’s components. In addition, consider the cleanliness of the ice machine environment. Airborne particles, such as yeast, can create a demand for machines to be cleaned and sanitized more often.

3. Understand your machine’s need for repair.
One of the key components to keep an eye on is your ice machine’s evaporator. If you notice that the machine is losing productivity, check the evaporator for warping or signs of wear on the plating. Because the evaporator is such an important (and costly) part, loss of functionality can lead to the need to replace the entire machine.

Maintenance for Commercial Dishwashers

Commercial dishwashers, the workhorse of the kitchen, also need regular attention. Make sure that employees are trained to scrape excess food off of plates to prevent clogging the filter. In addition to daily cleaning of the dishwasher, the filter needs thorough cleaning at least every 20 cycles. Water drains better without food residue in the filter. Also, enhance dishwasher performance by refreshing tank water daily (or more often, based on use), and use a good quality rinse-aid. Click here for more restaurant dishwasher tips.

The Final Word About Commercial Kitchen Maintenance

Commercial kitchen rule #1 is to set up a schedule for cleaning commercial equipment. Staying on a schedule helps prevent downtime. Determine which tasks will be performed weekly, which tasks monthly, and put things on the calendar that require a service professional, such as a semi-annual check.

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