Restaurant Budgeting

Despite being one of the most important aspects of running a restaurant, budgeting is sometimes ignored. Sure, creating a yearly budget can be a little stressful, but it can also relieve a lot of stress. Using the three A’s of restaurant budgeting, you can come up with an effective budget that works for your business.

Assessment of Restaurant Budgeting

Restaurant-BudgetingThe first of three A’s of restaurant budgeting is assessment. During assessment, you will take a look at those things that directly and indirectly affect your restaurant’s current and future viability. Factors over the coming year that you should take into consideration include:

  • Competition
  • Sales generators
  • The Economy
  • Events That Might Drive or Diminish Sales
  • Repairs
  • Zoning Laws
  • Profit and Loss
  • Check Totals Average
  • Guest Counts
  • Employee Scheduling

Sizing up your restaurant’s competitors is pretty simple. Identify what businesses are competing with yours and then do a little research. How do your prices look by comparison? Are your portion sizes on par or better than your competition? Are they marketing aggressively? Do you need to do more marketing? What do customers like about these restaurants? Answering these questions will help you figure out how to get a competitive edge.

What local establishments are sales generators for your business? Local schools, businesses, industrial parks and apartment buildings are examples of places where there are a lot of people. This will help you identify where your sales are coming from and where strategic marketing can take place.

The local economy can make or break a business. That is why it is so important to know its state before you budget for the year. There is no sense in planning a big renovation or wide-scale marketing campaign if the local economy is in a downslide. You will want to budget in a way that takes the economy into account and keeps your restaurant in business. You will want to determine if your suppliers and utility companies are stable and will be consistently charging similar rates. Identify any increasing costs and determine how they will affect your budget.

Your profit and loss statements are going to give you the best idea of how your business is doing financially. Try to collect three or more from the year before. When determining projections for the next year, you will want to know how much sales have increased or decreased and how much costs have increased or decreased in percentages, dollar amounts or both.

You can average the monthly wages paid to get an idea of what you will be paying employees in the coming year. You will have to factor in raises and projected scheduling changes to get a realistic idea of what your employee budget should look like. Similarly, you should keep track of guest counts and check sizes all the time. This will let you spot any trends that could affect your budget, such as decrease in check size and guest count.

Action of Restaurant Budgeting

Now it is time to take everything you learned during your assessment and put it into action. The data you collected will allow you to come up with projected sales for every day of the year. For example, multiply the projected guest counts for Mondays by how many Mondays there will be in a given month. Do this for every day of the week and every month of the year. Total these projections to get your year’s projected sales.

Of course, how much you make is not the entire picture. You have to determine how much you will spend. If your assessment determined that food costs will remain relatively the same, you can use your data from the previous year to give you an idea of what the coming year will look like. However, you have to remember to account for rising prices and increased portion sizes, if applicable. You will determine payroll similarly, remembering to take into account changes in scheduling and employee raises.

Next, you will take a look at your rent, taxes, insurance and utilities. This is pretty straightforward. Using last year’s numbers and determining if there will be an increase in any of these costs will give you a solid estimate of what to expect in the coming year.

Finally, you can decide how much you want to incorporate in your restaurant budgeting for things like promotional events, music, entertainment, advertising, renovations and the like. You can determine this figure by using last year’s data and factoring any changes you deem necessary for the coming year, whether that is stricter budgeting or broader advertising.

All of this information will help you figure out profit before deprecation, which means simply subtracting deprecation from your profit total. That will give you the numbers you need to determine your income tax liability. Put all of your numbers into a budget worksheet and see how it matches up with your expectations for the year. This is where you can see any discrepancies and decide if you need to make changes in your controllable expenses.

Accountability of Restaurant Budgeting

Lastly, you are going to have to hold yourself accountable to your restaurant budgeting plan. Every month, compare your budget with the actual profits and costs. Come up with differences in dollar amounts and percentages. If the discrepancies are small, that is to be expected in the restaurant business. However, you will want to investigate bigger discrepancies and determine where the problem lies. For example, if appetizer sales are decreasing, you can run a special or a server incentive program. Your budget will guide you throughout the year.

How Ice & Refrigeration Systems Can Help With Your Restaurant Budgeting Plan

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The Restaurant Storeitv ice machine maker 30 inch ice storage bin 510lbs model s500Monroe and the Twin Cities area offer an easy-going quality of life. And whether going to Biedenharn Museum & Gardens, Black Bayou Lake National Wildlife Refuge or Chennault Aviation & Military Museum of Louisiana, northeast Louisianans need a lot of ice. Restaurants, churches and businesses benefit from having a dependable commercial ice machine. Ice & Refrigeration Systems helps you find and lease or purchase the perfect ice machine for your business or organization.

How to determine which commercial ice machine you need

Start with making a few decisions:

  1. How much ice you need per day – A daily amount can be adjusted with an increase in volume for special events. See the e-book below for a serving chart for pounds/person depending on type of business.
  2. How you’ll use the ice – From small flakes (flaker ice machines) to large cubes (ice machines that produce large cubes), you can get the ice you need to store food, serve fountain drinks or pour cocktails. Shapes and types of ice melt at different rates and can affect the taste of beverages.
  3. Where you’ll put a commercial ice machine – Based on space limitations, you can choose stand alone, under counter or countertop. And, amount of energy used often relates to location. We can talk with you about getting your best energy efficiency.
  4. How much staff assistance you have for maintenance – Some machines require more attention than others for water filtration and cleaning. Be sure to take maintenance into consideration to extend the life of your ice machine.
  5. What personal preferences affect your lease or purchase – Think about features that are important to you, or things that you want to avoid.

When you work with Ice & Refrigeration Systems, you get an un-biased approach because we have experience working with many manufacturers. We’ll take your list of criteria and recommend a choice of machines that fit your needs for cleaning, maintenance, energy and water efficiency.

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Restaurant Budget: Planning Your Profitability

Restaurant Budget: Planning Your Profitability – Many restaurants are finding that several small ways of adding services adds up to bigger profits. Diversifying your income stream also keeps diners interested in the new things you have to offer, and may generate additional reviews online or in print. Here are four considerations to add to your list of potential successes:

  1. Add take-out and/or catering services – People are more on-the-go than ever. Promoting your flexibility for food service enhances your appeal. Loyal customers appreciate and will think of your restaurant when they want your food, but can’t have a dine-in experience. The cost of adding the flexibility is negligible – containers and perhaps a catering cart and catering dishes.
  2. Showcase food or drink items – As appropriate, create impulse purchases with glass door coolers. There are varieties that are quite attractive, especially when you consider glass-door back bar coolers. Train your servers to call attention to new equipment that demonstrates your selections.
  3. Retail merchandise – Your restaurant regulars can do more than word of mouth advertising. When they wear t-shirts, hats, or sweatshirts with your restaurant name on them, they tell the world about your establishment. And, you generate revenue from merchandise sales.
  4. Host parties/events – Let it be known that your restaurant is available for receptions and other private events. Companies also need locations for meetings that may be arranged for non-peak times. When you host an event, you fill the house all at once. You need to be well organized and have systems in place to handle single large groups.

Get Expert Advice for Your Restaurant Budget

Ice & Refrigeration Systems is a nationwide distributor of commercial kitchen equipment. They work with restaurants all over the country, and represent a wide range of manufacturers. If you decide to expand your offerings leading to greater profitability, Ice & Refrigeration Systems guarantees the lowest price on the equipment you need. Their work with diverse restaurants gives them insight into what’s working – and what’s not. Ice & Refrigeration Systems also offers free delivery on equipment – another way they strive to excel in customer service.

Restaurant Budget: Planning Your Profitability